V1.3.13 crash on exit

I had VL crash on me when I quit this morning - not a big deal, but I figured you’d want to see the dump. I’ve attached both the project file as well as the dump listing.
P.S. Turns out that the file was too large to upload here. Here’s a google drive link to the zip file with the project and dump files: vl-crash.zip - Google Drive
Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

Hi @ericwentz,

the crash log points out that a built-in Audio-Effect crashed on exit. Can you remember which song you have selected while you closed VL? Can you reproduce it always? Can you tell me where you have loaded internal built-in effects?

Thank you,

Hi Michael,

I cannot be sure of the active song - I reopened the project and the first song in set #1 was selecte when I opened it - not sure if this was the active file when it crashed though. Any built in effects which you see were loaded automatically as I use none in my normal workflow for VL. This does not appear to be easilly reproducable - sorry 'bout that. (realize that this would make locating the source of the crash much easier!)