V1.3.15 crash

I was practicing for a gig next weekend and was into set 3 when VL started slowing down and getting “jumpy” on the lyrics page. I thought I’d restart it, but when I quit, it asked me if I wanted to save my project - I said “yes” and VL crashed. Here vl-crash-2023-09-25.zip - Google Drive is a link to a zip file which includes both my project file as well as the crash dump listing.

I had played all the songs in the first two sets without any issues until I got close to the end of set #2, then things started slowing down. What I mean by this is that instead of smoothly scrolling, the lyrics page was scrolling in jumps

Hi @ericwentz,

we’ve analyzed your crash log. And once again the crash logs points to a built-in plug-in of VST Live. But we can not see which one? And we’ve loaded your attached project, but it does not contain any built-in plug-in? Do you have more information from us? Have you loaded a built-in Plug-In and removed it? Something like this …?

… always?


Hi Michael,
I don’t (intentionally) use any of the built-in plugins for VL. I’m running on a 2018 MacBook Pro with a vanilla installations of both Cubase Pro 12 and VL. I’m not sure of the source folder for plugins, but I’d be happy to provide a directory listing if that may help diagnose the issue. Or, if you’d like to send me an “instrumented” version of VL, I’d be happy to use that for a while.

VL - does NOT always get jumpy - I’ll use it for a bit today and see if I get a similar behavior. What I’ve seen so far is that I need to play 15 or 20 songs for the behavior to appear.


One extra question - how can I just disable all the VL plugins? I really don’t use any of them and as such, they are just getting in the way and using extra cpu power. Thanks -e

no cpu is used by any plugin unless it’s activated.