V1.3.2 bugs in setlist editor

In the setlist editor screen, I have discovered a couple problems:

  1. In both the Songs list and the active setlist lists, navigation with the arrow keys only works in the “up” direction. In other words: the up-arrow moves the selected song up, while the down-arrow does nothing.

  2. In both list of songs the bottom song in the list is obscured by the horizontal scroll bar.
    Thanks for all your work,

…is defined in “Actions and Shortcuts/Project/Next (Previous) Part”, and selects Parts of the actual Playlist (the one in the main view), not in the Setlist Editor.

Can’t seem to force a hori scrollbar, but afaik it has also been fixed with either the current prerelease, or the upcoming one, so pls try again then.

I looked at what you described and it doesn’t make sense. Here’s a shot of my Actions and Shortcuts page:

it looks like the defaults for items 4 & 5 are the Down and Up keys - in my setup, only the Up key functions correctly - the Down key doesn’t move the song selection.

Up and down (5 and 6) select next/previous Part, left/right (7/8) select next/previous Song, and it works like that here. If you collapsed a Song, you may not notice Part selection?

@ericwentz, remind me, please. You are working with a mac? Which one? Which cursor keys are you using? External keyboard?


Yep - I’m using a 2018 Mac Mini running Ventura 13.5.1 with a full Magic keyboard connected via Bluetooth.

I’ve highlighted the keys that I’m using.

Hope this helps.

… fixed, next update,