V1.4.1 Cuttin a song did not work for lyrics

MacOS Somoa (latest), Mac Studio M1, MacBook Pro M2

If i cut e song (e.g. in two peaces) the parts and lyrics are not cutted too.
The lines had to be reordered and the parts manually deleted.
If a couple of lyrics-lines are selected to move it up/down the whole lines are placed in one line and the spaces between the lines are gone.
Only double click on the line-pack makes it possible to seperate lien by lien to reorder.
Maybe the same happens with chords-, dmx- and midi-tracks (not tested).

How do you do that?

I duplicate the song and cut the tracks with the cutting tool.
The chord and the lyrics tracks could not be cutted.
So, the whole lyrics had to be repositioned/deleted.

Changing track-bpm did not change the lyrics position.