[v1.4.52] Preferences GoTo Next Song Not Working - [SOLVED]

Even though I set an end marker & set my Preferences > Studio > Song End Type to be GoTo Next Song, the track just keeps playing beyong the end of the song where I have set the End Marker at.

This means we have to manually stop the track after it finishes & move forward to the next song for each song.

Hi! Yes, the preference is for default, but once is set previously to any different / song there is one other place for in dropdown menu “Song/Song Actions”

There you can also set / apply it to “All songs”. Give it a try!

Wow. Thank you @fkalmus! That is unexpected. Sort of feel like some kind of popup message alerting users to this when they set the global preference value would save a whole world of confusion.

I had this all working & for various reasons decided to recreate my project from scratch, & missed this step. For the benefit of others, when select a song and then go to the top menu of Song > Song Actions, this is how it is set:
So I changed those settings for that song’s Song Actions to this, which resolved my issue:

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