V1.4.52 (small) bug in Setlist window

I mentioned this before in a prior post. It still seems to behave like it did before. If there are many songs in the setlist and the vertical scroll bar is showing and if some of the song names are long so that along with the time, the horizontal scroll bar is also showing, the very last song in the lists are obscured by the horizontal scroll bar. I’ve attached a screen shot which demonstrates the issue.

If you enlarge the window horizontally, does the problem disappear?

Yes, if I expand the window horizontally, I can make the scroll bar disappear. Problem is that I don’t always have the real estate to expand the window - say if I’m on my laptop at a gig.
As always, thanks for the quick response.

Sure, just wanted to know so to narrow it.
This is a weird one, as the system (used in many applications) does that job, but no other such reports…will keep looking.

Okay, thanks for clearing that up - like I said in the title, this is really nit-picking, but I just want to help your team make the product “perfect”!!