[V1.4.7] Crash after importing song project

Hi guys,

Sometime, with last version, when importing tracks in an existing song (Song > Import song project (track only), VST Live crashes.

Strange thing : in Documet/Steinberg/Cashdump, I don’t see a report.

CrashDumps.zip (1.8 MB)

Hi @magicguigui,

the folder contains very old CrashLogs (VST Live 1.1.42, 1.1.52 and Cubase 12.0.51). I would suggest to delete them all, install the latest versions and let us know when new logs were created.

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Logs are no longer created…

Hi @Spork,

I continue the thread about crash here.
I install the last version V1.4.9.

First crash :

  • Create a new VST Live project
  • Go directly to Mixer view
  • CLick on “E” in any column and add a plugin
  • Crash

Could it be related to drivers of the graphic card ? I recently update them.

No log is created…

Other crash when import tracks song :

  • Create a new VST Live project
  • Click on Song>“Import song projet (track only)”
  • Song is imported without crash (but track view was empty because new projetc)
  • Import again “song project (track only)” (this time the track view is not empty with several tracks and folders)
  • Crash

No log is created…

… I cannot reproduce it. Do you have a defaut song? Maybe it has something to do with that one? Can you please check if a Default song is available? Have a look here, please


Can you give it to me?

And it happens with every plug-in? Can you please try the built-ins? AutoPan?


… I can reproduce it! Thank you. We’ll fix it.


We would have noticed this. You need to be more specific, what is the default Layer Instrument, what plugin you insert in which channel is the least to know (best to reproduce with the installed on-board plugins).
Or, as Micha pointed out you may have a default Song causing it. Try Help/Remove all User Data.

@Spork , Do you have a log after the crash ? Because my VST Live does not create logs anymore…

@Spork , @musicullum, I removed all User Data.
I have no defaut layer or defaut song.
No problem with built-in plugins, but crash with almost all other plugins (waves, Fab filtere etc).
Once the plugin window is opened, it crashes. On any channel.

None of the FabFilter plugs crash here, so there must be something else and we still need more information.

New project :

No instrument :

Click on +, choose a plugin then crash :

That is rather special and you should have noticed.
In the next picture, your mixer shows “Halion Sonic SE” channel though.
How do you get to this state? Wouldn’t even know how to do that. After clean all user data how could it display a non-found default plugin?
Try to set a plugin for your Layer and then “Layer/Save default Layer”, then start over. Better?

Since I use VST Live, I never installed Halion Sonic SE. That’s why you can see <<>>.
I never had problem before, even without having Halion.
I use the layers to send midi Program Change so Instrument is set to a MIDI OUT .
I tried to change instrument and save as defaut, start over, and still same problem.

Which one did you choose?

See, this is difficult w/o knowing the whole story, we can do what we want and never have these crashes, not even with FabFilter (which ones did you choose?), so what should we do? Repeatedly asking reveals pecularities one after the other: no, it doesn’t crash with built-in, oh and there is no default Instrument etc. This is quite time consuming, we’d like to help but need very precise reproduction steps.

Maybe try a new default project location. Clean all user data and choose Halion Sonic as default Layer. Possibly re-install VST Live. Rename your VST 3 folder temporarily so nothing gets in the way, check plugin information. Also provide crash reports. If you mean freeze but not crash, let us know so. Every detail counts, without those, we have no chance to help. It works for everybody else, so there must be something special with your setup, try to narrow it.

Merry XMas :slight_smile: