V10.0.10, how to clean up / filtering out the drums layer

Here is what I has done / was trying to achieve:

  1. I had a “drums” layer, where I made a duplicate of it.
  2. There was some synth toms in the layer, that I wanted to “record” the spectrum of.
  3. The I wanted to remove everything else on the drums layer, and just keep the toms.
  • This way I could create a complete layer (drums), with just the toms.
  1. I made a duplicate earlier (1), and could start to filter out more stuff manually, or is it not possible?

I would need to make a new layer duplicate, each time I’ve edited a layer, just to be able to have the complete drums layer each time, to work on.

I can separate the “drums” layer in 3 new layers, which makes it a bit more easy to separate the rest of the bits and pieces to new layers.

So basically, I’ve trying to do some more cleanup, making new layers with the stuff that Spectralayers wasn’t able to extract.


  • Okay, now I’ve tried just to select a tom from the whole layer (completely clean tom), that what to copy to a new layer.
  • I used a combination of the Rectangular and lasso selection tools.
  • Now I was going to use the “select similar” function, which didn’t worked out.
    I guess I need to merge the 2 selection tools used, so that the find similar routine are able to
    find similar audio. Not sure if you can merge different selections together to one selection?

Hmm… not sure this is the right way to do it.

There must be some rather easy way, to make and copy a selection of audio in a layer, and then find all the other places in the layer, that matches the same audio material.
And finally remove the rest on that layer.
So that you can separate 2 or 3 instruments on one layer, and make some new layers with the separated material.

It would so help on cleaning up what Spectralayers can’t do.

Keep in mind that Find Similar will try to match the exact frequency AND time pattern that you selected.
So if you selected 3 consecutive toms, the algorithm will try to find the exact same 3 consecutive toms in that same timing.

So try selecting a single tom first, and then Find Similar, trying different Similarity settings.

Thanks Robin,

As you can see, I fooling around with Spectralayer :slight_smile:
It saw so easy out in the youtube videos I’ve seen, but its not.
You have to know the exact tools to use, and use them in the right way.

I mean, one thing that many people must deal with it, to separate / clean up layers
even more with the tools.

About the find matching material, I’ve also thought more deeply on what I did, and it will
probably not work. After all, it’s maybe impossible to separate say drums, percussion layers, that have the same “sample print”.

I’ll fiddle some more with it today, seeing if I can clean up the layer with some of the other tools, or a combination of of using more tools.