V10.0.10 pro, layer edit features

I’ve used RipX for a trial month, where there was lots of edit features, so that you could separate layers even more from each other. Piano, other and guitar are obviously more difficult to extract form each other. Often you can hear stuff from other track in for example the piano layer.

Is it possible, to separate one layer even more, and copy the filtered stuff to the right layer. It’s something that can be done quite easily with RipX. I was looking after more deeper edit features, as there is in RipX. It is possible in Spectralayers?

Yes, SpectraLayers offers absolute control over the spectrogram (I don’t think RipX has a spectrogram view). That’s what the tools on the left side of the SpectraLayers UI are for, enabling you to select any sound and cut/paste it to other layers.

Ahh I see, I almost forgot all about the left side tool menu, and what all those tools are fore :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out.