V10.0.10 pro, multiselect layers?

I was using the unmix drums functions, to get the extra 3 drums tracks, which is a nice feature.
I wanted to export those 3 new tracks to the rest of the song layers and thought, that I could multiselect the 3 new drum tracks, by holding down for example the CTRL key + mouse cklick on the 3 tracks, but it didn’t work out.

Is it possible to save those 3 tracks on one go, by multiselecting them, and click _> export audio of active layer… ?

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Not yet, but this is considered for a future patch. For now it’s either File > Export Audio of Active Layer or File > Export Audio of All Layers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Steen, If you’re using SpectraLayers in Cubase, you can just drag individual layers from the layer list into the Project Window.

I’m trying to install Spectralayers the trial license offline today, to use it it Cubase. Did try it before, but there was trouble with the offline Cubase 12/13 licensing, which was lost. So I had to registre C12 & 13 again offline. After that, I installed Spectralayers 10 on another partition with Internet access, there the trial worked.

But I try it again today, to use it in Cubase.