V10 Installed, Activation Manager Showing V9, Download Manager Showing Nothing

I’m stuck in a loop of unable to run SpectraLayers 10. Any ideas? I used the download manager and the activation managers. The Invoice is correct, but everything on my Account says I’ve bought a V9 Trial? Any ideas. There’s one thing I wish this industry didn’t use and that’s iLok and self-developed licence managers - THEY ALWAYS BREAK / COST YOU DAYS OF LOST WORKING HOURS FIXING STUFF!

You haven’t entered your Download Access Code yet. Close Steinberg Activation Manager, open Steinberg Download Assistant and press the “Enter your Download Access Code” button at the top. Copy and paste the Download Access Code from your order confirmation.

You should now be able to run SpectraLayers Pro 10.

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That’s what I entered, it just throws a pop-up saying it’s not licenced.

What happens if you go to My Steinberg, click “Products” at the left, then “Redeem Download Access Code” and enter your Download Access Code there?

If that works, you may need to open Steinberg Activation Manager and press the curly refresh arrows at the top right before SpectraLayers Pro 10 will work.

Think I got it working after a reboot and reinstall. Why on my Steinberg Account it thinks I just bought a V9 Trial is rather confusing an illogical. What is the point of installing all this licence and download management software if it doesn’t work?

It does work , your not using it correctly , it’s simple , buy product , go to 'My Steinberg ’ with the activation code on your invoice , click redeem code , click and you licence changes to Sl10 , download Sl10 , go to activation manager(while connected to the internet ) ,click activate . works 100% of the time here so i would say it’s a case of user error

Steinberg is aware that the current situation is a work in progress. I have seen a mention on the forums from a Steinberg staff member that the aim is to integrate the Steinberg online store into the My Steinberg ecosystem. I would expect that this means:

  • your store login uses your My Steinberg credentials
  • the store can automatically activate purchased products for you without having to issue a Download Access Code, and
  • the store would be able to list the paid updates you can purchase from your current licences (without the current mess of having to select the correct update manually in the store and obtain a refund if you buy the wrong update code).

There is also some scope to integrate Steinberg Activation Manager into Steinberg Download Assistant so that there is a single application for all downloads, updates and licence management. I do not know whether this is something Steinberg intends to do.

At least the whole eLicenser ecosystem, with all its quirks and restrictions, is gradually heading towards retirement. There are still some current products that have yet to transfer to Steinberg Licensing, plus there is no clarity yet as to what will happen to legacy product licences on eLicenser once Steinberg retires the eLicenser servers.

I, and many others, have never experienced any major difficulties with it. It is what it is at this point, however.

Clearly if you’re on a blank machine, login to steinberg, buy a V10 product, download and install everything they say, follow everything to the letter and it then only shows a Trial for V9 you’ve never purchased, never installed, never even had on the machine it isn’t a ‘not using it correctly’ issue. It simply is broken. More and more i’ll buy software but happily use the cracked version isntead to not have to deal with this sh1t every week. Why should paying customers be paying for the cracking industry with ilok inconveninece and convoluted licencing systems and mutliple software installations?

All i can say is , keep smiling , you’re a long time dead