V1100b1_Win_Release- New options, Great idea

Greetings to developers.

Error tab. ISo extra buffer. And asio buffer size range from 32.

Very flexible. I like it . Exactly what is needed.

Great idea, please leave all these new options in the next release in late November. Dont remove them please :slight_smile:

Does the ISO extra buffer apply for ASIO applications or for Windows audio type applications (like when using internet browsers or media players?).

If it applies for Windows audio applications, then I think it is a great idea because that was where I was getting unexpected dropouts when I was testing with new machines. In Cubase it seemed ok (ASIO overloads with high demand but seemed reasonable) but I was getting dropouts just listening to Windows Media Player while browsing the internet.

I went ahead and installed and tried it. It looks like the ISO extra buffer does in fact affect the latency IN Cubase. I am not sure how this is different than just increasing the ASIO buffer size the old way unless it ALSO increases latency in Windows audio applications which might help the internet browser dropouts.

I had no problems for 2 years of operation ur 12 on my config(4790-k+z97-16gb ram) - Any problems with drivers and delays?- NEVER.

I think the developers write very good drivers. Stable AND QUALITATIVE.

The next my products will be the same firm without a doubt
Because good hardware nothing if software bad. In this case both options good.

ABOUT Iso extra:

  1. I found the option very convenient for myself in Reaper and Sonar when working in asio mode.
    NOW I CAN compensate for the out delay or synchronize in/out the same way.

For me it is convenient. There was a lack of such control. I find this an extremely useful and necessary novice.

  1. About your delays in Windows.

Very much depends on your power settings,Type and perfomance HARDWARE, Including power managment at the usb port.

Type of the timer- Hpet / tsc. Dynamictickrate options in os kernel. PC power profiles IN os, bios tuning-power managment, and other settings and drivers. I will not paint. It does not make sense.

I repeat, for 2 years of use on its equipment, excellent stability in Any enviroment.

In other applications, any audio video players, any video files, YouTube, any games- very good, no problems.

AND Everything works fine with the minimum penalty dpc in the system-according to the Latency Monitor readings IN OS.

I do not feel that I have an external usb interface in OS - Given that this usb interface is an excellent result.

I can only wish the developers further success and I hope that all the new OPTIONS will be released in final version of driver. Hope so. :smiley: