V12 License Selling Terms Clarification

The FAQ says:

Can I sell licenses? If so, how?

Yes, you will still be able to sell your retail licenses using the Steinberg Licensing system. We will provide details of this process in the future.

Note, however, after you have updated an existing license for a Steinberg product to a version that uses the new Steinberg Licensing system, although the license for the previous version will remain in your eLicenser, you cannot resell, transfer or update/upgrade that license.

Question: Can I please clarify that this means I can still sell the v12 license but just not the v11 license that remains on the e-Licenser USB?


This is how do I understand it too.

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Technically, you should also forward the v11 License on a dongle to the buyer of v12 so they have legacy support. Steinberg do state that the two are inseparable.

The correct method was to use the resale wizard, obtain a new DAC (Download Access Code) for C12, and pass that on, with C11 NFR license on dongle. But I don’t see that specifically stated on the FAQ anymore, so perhaps this stipulation was dropped?

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