V3 Performer "Mastr" Fader Not Working Right


My previous post titled "VST Connect 3 - Remote Cue Mix Playback Clipping " was based on tests I was running with a MOTU 2408 MkIII as the “Connect Perfomer” side hardware. Since that time, I have purchased a UR12 interface as ultimately this is right sized for the single guitarist, bass player, etc. What came to mind is that this would might fix the clipping issue, though I wasn’t sure I could tell because it doesn’t have hardware metering-nevertheless, I was going to rely on my ears. However, a new issue cropped up. (I mention clipping as I have heard nothing about and perhaps it is related to the new problem)

My understand is that the “Mastr” fader is the overall volume control for the headphone mix, however as far I can tell it is NOT really in the final output path. It appears to be being summed with the “Studio” fader output’

The manual says:
The “MASTR” (Master) channel, which controls the overall listening level for the artist. On top of this channel, select which outputs of the Performer audio interface should provide the entire monitor (headphone) mix.

I have checked this several times. Again, this might be related to the clipping problem I have been having. Anyone else see notice this–easy to check, just turn your Mastr all the way down and see if you still have sound… :smiley:

Finally, I’ll mention, I have intermittent sync problems. This is a LAN based connection using 300mbps wireless (for the Connect side and a 1Gbps connect DAW. Most of the time its ok, but I am forced to stop and restart playback to regain sync. I will make a new posting about this, but I thought I’d mention it to see if anyone experience the same issue.


“…just turn your Mastr all the way down and see if you still have sound…”

When I read that, I just had a quick thought Ted - you’re not inadvertently ‘double-bussing’ your output by any chance are you…? When using the Control Room, you should disable main outputs from VST Connections (i.e. direct everything through the CR). Apologies if you know all this already.



First off I am happy to get a response, any response as they are so few and far between. So no need to apologize.

I am using the Control Room only and when I turn down the VST Connect Cue fader all the sound goes away. So, I think this is not my problem. I did double check my outputs an they are not assigned.

I really appreciate the you chiming in.

Best, Ted

It’s on our list, will look into this and report.
But you were refering to the Performer Master Fader, right? That has nothing to do with Cubendo Control Room.
The Performer Studio Fader controls (or should control) how much of the signal sent from the VST Connect plugin (talkback and cuemix) becomes audible on the Performer side. All faders in the Performer mixer incl. Studio are supposed to be mixed to the Master channel. We’ll check if all levels are correct.


Yes, the Performer Master Fader. I wrote “Mastr” in the title as that is how it is listed on the connect performer app…Don’t know why they couldn’t have added the “e” as it seems they have enough room.

Hey, thanks for letring me know the status, I can go back to sleep now.

Best, Ted

I’ve checked this now.

No, I don’t. But there was a bug related to that which has been fixed with the latest version, give it a try.
As for clipping: the signal is routed straight thru (tested this with the test generator in a playback channel cue’d to Performer) and actually appears correctly on the Performer side. However if the cuemix (‘Studio’) signal is 0 dB and you add your own instrument or whatever other channel(s) signal(s) on the Performer side, it will clip like every mixer does when exceeding 0 dB…but you knew that already :slight_smile: Then, lowering the master fader should cure the problem.
p.s. “MASTER” text would not fit the channel width so that’s why it’s “MASTR” instead :slight_smile:


Ok, the master fader on connect performer now works as it should. Excellent. As an aside, and I’ll update my other topic, the clipping problem on the 2408 mkiii is also fix. In this case, I was more rigorous in my testing as used a 0db full scale 440hz signal and the meter looked good and the output sounded right.

I did find a new problem which I will document later-- my connect and sync lights blink on and off and the meter signal (on both ends) come and goe. However, I need to test this more carefully to confirm it is not something on my end–and I just don’t have time right now.

Best, Ted