V4 upgrade to 10.5 nightmare

I have a Mac xserve running osx 10.7 with cubase 4, but I needed it to run v5 or 6 because the OS can’t be updated. So I upgraded to 10.5, which I was able to activate on a newer Mac, then went back to try and activate v6 on the xserve and the eliscenser cc won’t even work with v4 anymore, much less 6. What a headache I’ve had trying different elcc versions and reactivating different versions with older ccs…nothing’s worked. I don’t think I have the activation code for v4 anymore, it was just on the USB dongle so I never had to re-enter it, but now it’s gone. It’s about the biggest disappointment from 300$ I’ve maybe ever had. I have 12 years of cubase programs that can’t be opened anymore, and worse I can’t make more.

Disgruntled and exhausted from hours of this mess…

Wow. This sounds like a mess.
I would contact Steinberg. I know that a Cubase 10 license can be used with older versions, which should allow you to open Cubase 4.

Have you tried or opened any Cubase 4-6 projects in CB 10.5?

What I would recommend at this point, is to install the oldest version your e-licenser allows you to run(e.g. Cubase 7) at the moment then open your 4,6 projects and save them in CB 7. After that, you can then open them in Cuba 10.5 and save them again. If the e-licenser is not allowing you to run any older version apart from CB 10.5, than something is wrong with the usb(corruption etc…).

I emailed them, I guess we’ll see if they have any suggestions. As per your suggestions regarding updating the project files, the problem is that the Mac I installed 10.5 on that could run 7, is far too slow (2012 MacBook pro) to actually be able to do anything on with those projects. I may just be forced to get a used iMac or build a cheap pc or something. I don’t know, I’m at a loss. I misplaced my cubase 4 installation disc a few years ago, otherwise my thought would’ve been to reinstall it and hope to be able to reactivate it still, but if I don’t have the activation anymore? I think the last few Macs I installed it on it only worked because it was still activated on my dongle.

Thanks for the help though, it gives me a bit more to chew on in trying to figure this out.

You can not and (donˋt need to) re-activeate versions that run with a USB eLicenser. Once they are activated, the license is on the USB key.
The reason why your old license isnˋt seen anymore is, that the database of your eLCC version os too old to recognize the Pro 10 license. Have you tried to run the maintenance and/ or do a licenses database update?