V5 and 7.5 on elicenser ?

I have cubase 5 ( with elicenser / USB) and just installed 7.5 (purchased right before 8 came out).
To be clear, I purchased an “upgrade from 4/5”

When I activate V7.5, will V5 still function ?
(I was about to do so , but chickened out because this wasn’t clear ; I need to keep V5 operational on an older PC until the new PC is fully operational)

When I upgrade to V8, will V7.5 and V5 still function?
(i mean individually, not simultaneously)


Once you upgrade the license on the eLicenser, all previous versions will continue to function – nothing to worry about. All previous versions of Cubase can also happily co-exist on the same machine, so there’s not even any need to uninstall the old ones (in fact, I recommend you don’t, so you can continue to use the previous version until you get used to the new version!). One other thing: you should always update the eLicenser software itself to the newest version – but the installation program for the newer version usually takes care of this for you.

Thanks for the confirmation!

I think I still have SX3 on the old machines and don’t recall any problems during those transitions.

I imagine my time in 7.5-land will be relatively quick, since its mostly a stepping stone to v8 via the grace period free update (as long as I don’t hear too many show-stopping horror stories about it) .

Just like to plan the trip and know what the pitfalls might be.

N.B. the activation process for C8 will update the license database on the USB eLicenser, so if you want to be able to continue running older versions of Cubase on an older machine, the eLicenser software (i.e. the driver) will have to updated on that, even if you don’t install C8 on it.

hmmm…an interesting gotcha here…

my old V5 machine is Win XP, with UAD cards and 5+ years of plugins etc. I need to keep this operational until EVERYTHING is working 100% on the new machine (Win7).

But according the elicenser download page , XP is not listed as supported. So it seems I would be stuck, because I can’t install the updated eL software (?). I opened a ticket with Steinberg.

Any thoughts, workarounds, words of sympathy ?

Go to the archive section of the eLicenser website and download the latest version with XP support.