v6.0.5 Midi Clock inquiry


Relative newb here so do please bear with me:

I should like to have my TR-707, DX-7, and Arpache all on the same Midi Clock for projects. I’m running the 707 and DX-7 both in and out of a MidiSport Anniv. Ed. 4x4 interface and so far have been able to record the midi in from the DX-7 patch and send a start/stop signal to the 707. However, I cannot figure how to monitor either (raw or otherwise) to tell whether or not the midi clock has been sent OR record any midi signal from the 707.

Also, is it reasonable to assume that Arpache will arpegg my DX-7 patch on that same clock? Or will I require additional hardware?

Thank you for any and all insight…

In the Transport → Syncronization Setup you can select, which MIDI OUT ports will send MIDI clock to external equipment. In that case you`ll have to send it to the MIDI out, which connects to your 707.

All the MIDI Insert plugins, I`ve worked with, do their job as well with external instruments as with VSTi, so yes, you can use Arpache 5 with your DX7 for example, as well as you can use Beatdesigner with an external GM modul or drum synth etc.

Hope this helps.