V8.5 user VST3 folder still re-scanning media bay at launch

This has gone on for such a long time now and Steinberg said it was fixed, every launched causes media bay to re-scan the VST3 folder with all its presets and has to re-populate it.

My Documents are located to another hard drive so all that stuff is off my SSD (using windows to relocate the data).
The user VST3 folder is in Documents folder on this drive.

Why on earth is it doing this?!

I experience the same problem on a Macbook Pro (Yosemite) with Cubase 8.5.

The quickest way to check this is :

  1. Launch Cubase 8.5
  2. Load a Groove Agent SE
  3. Click on the preset browser.
  4. Media bay window shows up with the scanning symbol and it takes around 30-40sec to show the presets.

On the same system it does not happen with Cubase 8.0.3 and I am running Cubase from an SSD hard drive so it should be lightening fast.