v8.x / Mac Mini (2018) / Apollo 16

Long time Nuendo user (since 1.0 days) and a number of years having beta tested (v1.x - 3.x)

Looking for anyone with the following setup:
-Nuendo 8.x
-Mac Mini (2018) i5
-macOS mojave
-Gen1 Apollo 16 (2 or more units multi-cascaded via Thunderbolt2)

I’ve got this same rig right now, just connected up to a PC/Windows10 via Firewire. Looking to move over to the Mac Mini (and macOS/TB2) and checking to see if anyone can share overall stability / usability experiences with it.


In case anyone asks why I’m switching…

  • Want to move off Firewire over to Thunderbolt for better latency and overall performance/stability (my current rig has been stable)
  • While Thunderbolt and PC is now supported by UA, it’s easier and better supported on the Mac
  • Want a smaller form-factor for my DAW system (eliminate noise, reduce space, etc.)
  • Just want to move to macOS after a couple decades of being on Windows…

New setup has been working fantastic. Overall very stable, fast, and more “robust” than on Windows. So far very happy with the move.