v9.5.30 update crashes eLicenser EVEN AFTER HAVING UPDATED WIN7!!!

After already having experienced exactly the same before I used an OS backup file and went back to Cubase Pro 9.5.21.
After that Cubase 9.5.21 worked ok again.
As Steinberg and users are recommending here the next thing I did was: I installed all the Windows 7 updates available.
Then I tried again to update to Cubase Pro 9.5.30.

The same failure as before:
The Installation of eLicenser Control Software gets hung up saying:
Configurating eLicenser-Control-Component”
The green bar reaches almostly it’s end, just almostly. Exactly there the setup gets hung up, as you might see here:

Other experiences under Windows 7 Ultimate?

Try downloading the latest elc software and install that as admin.
Or try installing the update to 9.5.30 as admin, if you haven’t tried already.

That is what I did. The failure is reproduceable.

When I updated it could not find the cubase95.msi, I found it(inside the full installer),extracted it, ran it, and did a repair.
After that, I was able to apply the 9.5.30 update.

Why did you do so? Were you experiencing the same difficulties as I described above? Or others?

No different issue, most likely because I moved some files out of the program folder.
My point was more that a repair would be a good thing to try.
Windows programs/apps (sorry not using Windows in English I am guessing) find the entry
Steinberg Cubase 9.5 click on that and Edit, then next and then choose repair.
After it is finished you could try the 9.5.30update again

So you mean the same issue?

Or do you mean:
“No, different issue”

Why people cannot articulate themselves unmistakeably? Is that so difficult to do?


I finally could resolve my issue going back to an older OS-partition image and then updating to v9.5.30 as admin. Worked flawlessly. Don’t know, what has been the reason for my described problems, but creating weekly images of the OS-partition is simply the best choice for any serious user.