VA 2.0 Segments - difference between deleting vs shortening?

Hi -

To exclude badness associated with pitch shifting the slides into and out of notes I see sometimes …

I do one of two things - either cut and then delete the segment to exclude the slide, so my pitch shifting is limited to the other parts of the note …

Or just adjust the segment border so as to exclude the slide, and carry on the same way as above.

My question is … is there any difference between the two … does adjusting the segment tighter still leave the vocal slide exposed to processing in a way that cutting and deleting the segment doesn’t?

I don’t think so, but I was wondering what people thought -


What does your ears tell you? That’s what matters.

I already said I didn’t hear a difference. But, I am also asking what other people have noticed, as I’m a low volume operator and could certainly learn from people who use it more.

Do you use VA 2.0? Having logged in and typed here, please feel free to give your thoughts as well!