Vaio + Cubase 6.5.1+Windows 7

Im having a difficult time here. I ve purchased cubase 6.5.1 two days ago, and yet i can´t make it work (54 bits) Issues with video, issues with vsts´s- I was using version of cubase 5 a everything was great, I ´ve uninstalled the 5 version, cause when i oppen that version it would crash.

Is there anyone who can say anything about it? if not i need the email of the support team?

Tried already switching off almost every device that i didnt need.

The different problems always freezed my computer.
sometimes opening different patches of my vst´s, or the simple task of opening a project.
tried to open a cubase 5 project and the same problem. Everything i did turned to be a problem.

adding that my cpu was at the middle of use, when in cubase 5 my cpu marker showed no more than 25% of used process-


Have you gone from C5 32bit version to C6 64 bit version?

If so you may be having a Bridging problem with your older 32bit vsts

Most would recommend using JBridge

It may also help to Trash the prefs as detailed here

Indeed, im on cubase 64 bits for the very first time, and didnt uninstall version5 before…someone told me there were many problems having both 5 and 6 running in the same OS. Now it seems to work, but i can see the cubase talking lot of time processing different tasks, im going to try with your advice and see if things can get better.

Thanks for the reply, i´ll comment about it later.

Format I think thats going to be the best way to get my system work.
I made both erase prefs, and the jbridge and when updating to jbridgevstplugins folder to make cubase look for my vst cubase crashed again and again\

dont feel like, but im gonna have to either format or try with my last image of my Os. This is not what i paid for…its been hours and days trying to make things work…i want to still be in love with steinberg!

Im now dowloading the updates, from 6.51 to 6.5.4… I really would like to see the best platform ive ever knew working!!!

help again is very wolcome.

Only using spectrasonics , wich are 64 bits, im still having to wait and see how cubase freeze for like 10 seconds. then it goes again, but every time that i change a path on my vst, or similar cubase takes 10 secs or more to get stable again.

This is not good, for a start, though im not charging cpu, nor using anything but a simple vst!!!

It’s one of those things? you need a stable system. Maybe a complete reinstall of everything is a good way to go?

Im not the only one with this problem, a friend of mine purchased the same 6.5 …He did fromat his Os, and today he wrote me an email telling me that the Os, and the C6 needs losts of power, and he thinks he needs to upgrade his whole computer, buy a new one, cause of this C6 problem.

Reinstall did NOT make any Difference.
Cleaning register, and prefs, a jbridge didnt too.

Well, I’m using Cubase 6.5.4 in my second computer (an ancient dual core with 2 Gigas RAM). without issues. You don’t need a NASA computer depending of the tasks and plugins envolved.