vaio f series and mr816

well. i got my vaio today and was very dissapointed by the dpc resoults and MR dropouts, now after some tweaking
it seems working well, though didnt test it enough yet.

at first even media player couldnt play right, i use my onboard FW which as richo chipset.
anyway i gave it a try, the thing that resolve “my” problem was using VGA driver insted of Nvidia Driver on display adapter.
i also turn of wifi when using MR. sooo vaio f users can hopefully use the laptop for audio and with MR too.

ill see whats going on in few days to check that is stable.
iv’e opend a thread also in gearslutz with more info
have a good day :smiley:

I have also deactivated my “Microsoft ACPI konforme Kontrollmethodenakku” on my Sony Vaio F21… in order to stop the spikes in the latency checker DPCLAT. Also I deactivated the WiFi but I kept the Nvidia drivers, since my screen is 3D and of course I want to use that also.