Valentine's day sale

Ok, I’ve tried this on two separate PCs in four different browsers.

Added items to cart.

Apply the code at the shopping cart

Nothing seems to be discounted. The only difference is the option to add a code is removed.

Anyone else having problems?

I purchased Hypnotic Dance yesterday, got 50% off. Didn’t see any problems. Used Firefox / Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit.
Not all products are on Valentine’s day sale. Which product are you going to buy?
(I wish HALion Sonic 1 -> 2 upgrade was on sale…)


Yeah, if I wanted two licenses (one for HALion Sonic v1, one for v2), this would be a great deal.
Since I only have one dongle anyways, I wished a sale on upgrade. :slight_smile:

I was after
Dark Planet
hypnotic dance

elek drums
prologue discoveries
zero gravity
allan morgan 2
Halion Symphonic orchestra

Was running IE10, Firefox on a Windows 7 machine
Was running Chrome, IE10, Waterfox on a windows laptop.

Got them all in the end. Had to order them one at a time. Only worked in IE10, on one of my machines.

Disappointed too about upgrades not being part of it. Else I would have upgraded my wavelab elements to 8