Valentines offer currency problem

I just received an email with the valentines offer on Groove Agent 4.
The offer in the email is: $ 99,99. When I try to buy it, the total comes out in the same amount in euros. Which is a significantly different amount if you convert it.

How do I get to buy the offer in dollars instead?

The offer expires in 2 days, so Sternberg, please hurry… :slight_smile:

You need to redeem code before you add you credit card details.
I think it is VALENTINES . Check steinberg website.
I just bought my copy of GA4

When the price is in Euros VAT is included, whereas there is no tax for buyers in the USA.

Still my email gives me the information that the offer is in dollars. So I want my offer in that currency. Otherwise they dont play fair. As the difference is around $ 15,-

The currency is really irrelevent. If you found a way to pay in $ you still would have to pay German VAT, since you’re in Germany. Then the price would be a tad higher.

But it would be simple to get the US prices, just move to the US. :wink:

There is a Big difference in the $ vs € currency. The euro is 14% higher.
And it is not a tax-issue. It is an advertising-issue.

I don’t get your reasoning. The only thing wrong is that the price quoted in your email does not include tax. If it did, the price would be higher, since VAT is, what, 19%?

So your point is that the Price in the offer is not including taxes?

Normally offers are incl taxes unless otherwise stated. In EU at least.

US prices are usually not advertised with tax I think. Every state has got it´s own tax rate…

UK folk are getting ripped off again 99 Euro = just over ÂŁ73 not the ÂŁ82 listed.

i purchased my GA4 copy, the last weekend, thanks the the valentine offer.
now, i just received my email, with my serial number. i have already activated everything in the e-licenser soft, everything is fine, GA4 is correctly declared in my elicenser key, etc.
when i log into steinberg website, i can see GA4 is correctly in my softs list, along cubase, etc.

but WHERE can i find the GA4 download link ? i’ve been browsing this forum, i’ve checked all the pages, on mysteinberg, one by one, i can’t find the download link/button.
everything is well registered, etc. and when i open the downloads tab, all i can see is my Cubase 8 windows and cubase 8 mac download buttons…

people, please, where can i download my GA4 ?
thanks for you quick reply. can’t wait to test this GA4, i just need that damn download link…

ok, i have found it:

i think Steinberg should make a “products download” page, where people can see a COMPLETE A->Z products list, where the different products and its updates can be found:

|Application | Download from |Login Required | Download Now |

Cubase 8 |your account, Tab “downloads” | YES | Link |
Groove Agent 4 |Page http: //…groove_agent_4 | NO | Link |
Halion 5 |your account, Tab xxxxxxxxxxx | YES | Link |
Halion 5.2 update |Page http: //…halion5.2 | NO | Link |

I got my copy today.
I bought it saturday.
Thank you.