Valid Path to save file

I recently cleaned up and reorganized some folders, moving some audio files from my desktop onto an external HD. I opened and continued editing a .wav file that I had been editing in WaveLab LE 8 before I moved the files, and now when I try to save it on the hard drive I get the error message: “Please enter a valid path.”

I’m guessing this has to do with moving the files. Is there a way to fix this? I don’t want to have to start the editing process again from scratch!

If Wavelab is still open and the file is still open with your new edits, try to “save as” or “save as - save a copy” to the desktop, or your documents, or wherever it’ll save. Then you can figure out the path problem afterward.

If you’ve closed the file, and just want to save your original edits, you could move the file back to your desktop and work on it from there.
To fix the external drive problem:
Could be the path is too long, or has invalid characters. You could try renaming the folder(s) on the external drive where the file is, shortening the folder names in the path, or the filename, or the drive name, look for odd characters in the path, leading or trailing spaces in the folder names in the path to the file, etc.
If you’re on Mac, maybe an ampersand in the drive name? Or leading or trailing space in a folder name?: