Value box/time control input modes?

I hate to be a Pro Tools apologist and complainer but why does Nuendo have discrete modes for time control input? In PT I can click and type, or click and drag and it just works. I don’t have to tell it in advance what I’m going to do. In Nuendo, I have to pick one or the other?! Can someone explain why this preference exists and how it’s useful?

I have found many things to like about Nuendo since switching from PT, but I have to say that working with it feels like death by a thousand cuts. There are so many little workflow annoyances that are handled much more consistently and transparently in PT.

I’m trying to give it a fair shake (going on a year now and many big projects) but I want to ask longtime users if this experience is common. Do you eventually get numb to these lapses in the UI, or do you spend two more years and reach nirvana and realize that Nuendo’s ways are best if you don’t fight them?

I do realize that this is very subjective and all DAWs have their strengths and weaknesses, but it’s frustrating. Working in Nuendo feels like driving a sports car with tons of performance and horsepower but no climate control, heated seats or electric windows. Can’t I have performance and luxury?! Where is the BMW of the DAW world?! I’ll pay for it, no complaints!!!