Value filters

Good morning,
Is there a function that allows you to filter by note value?
When I import midi files from notator (and yes 30 years have passed), Dorico’s progress allows me to open these files with a really good quality visual.
There are however many notes that are shorter and being able to select and filter everything by choosing eighth notes for example, would allow you to select the eighth note value in dorico to bring them all down to the exact value you want.

Thierry Ecuvillon

There is no filter by note length.
But for MIDI imports, you could experiment with Edit>Requantise… This allows you to requantise a selection to produce different notations (try with/without the fill gaps option checked).

Ok thanks you very much.
I will try this.

But the idea may be interesting :thinking:
Perhaps, after a selection , a option « filter by same value » could be useful.

Yes, it is interesting and… Has already been asked before! :wink:

:+1: ok, i have not seen it :slight_smile: