value of a point in an automation lane

Where can I see the value of a point I’m moving in an automation lane?
I can’t see the level of the point I’m editing…
Regards :slight_smile:

When you click on the automation line then move it vertically, you should see the decibel level display change…right next to your mouse curser.

When you click on the automation line and move it horizontally you should see the bars/beats display change…right next to your mouse curser. (This is assuming you have your timeline set to “bars beats.”

Is this what you say is missing?

Yes, indeed missing, I don’t have this value next to the mouse as you describes…

Oh sorry, not missing…
It’s only that I’m mostly move a line (i.e. 2 points together) rather than one point.
And in this case I can not find any visual reflection of the line value.

Toss me a bone: Why would you move 2 points together to the same exact position rather than just delete the point that you are moving? What am I missing here?

I didn’t try moving 2 points together, but I believe you when you say it’s missing.

I have a lines of levels.
Looks like that:

Now I wish to take the middle line up 2db.
How can I do that rather than to select both its points,
and then move the entire line up…??

Is there a more right way I’m missing?

A couple of things that can help…

  1. First of all, the Info Line (at the top of the Window, if you’ve activated it) is your friend. And even when you select more than one event, the Info Line will show the value for the first event (and everything else will adjust by the same amount).
  2. You might want to investigate Trim Automation (pg.584 of the Cubase 8.pdf documentation).

for #2, Trim automation as I understand it designed for automation recording.
I don’t record automation, I just draw it manually using the mouse.

Many thanks for #1. That’s indeed my new friend :slight_smile:

Just use the Info Line or the List Editor for detailed numberical editing.