value range in CC lanes

In the key editor, my control lane for cc11 has a range of -32 to 95. How would this have happened? My instruments seem to think it’s still 0 to 127, but it makes things a little confusing.

Just speculation, but maybe you have cc11 set to 32 on the Track itself & that offsets what you can set in the Key Ed?

Thanks for the suggestion, I just checked it out and there’s no cc11 on the actual track. Also, I noticed when I open the project and move the mouse around the control lane, it shows 0 to 127, but as soon as I move my midi controller the range changes. It seems to depend on where the cursor is, so if cc11 is at 40, it thinks 40 is 0. I’m stumped.

Where are you seeing that value? Perhaps it is displaying the ‘change from previous value’ and not the absolute value? Not at DAW to check if something like that even exists. Will try & remember to look when I’m at DAW.

How exactly are you going about the process of changing the value? Be as specific as possible. Or perhaps you can make an automated GIF. There are a lot of tools to do that. This is what I use.

Thanks for the link- here’s a gif of what I’m seeing. You can see the range is initially 0 to 127 when I move my mouse, and then I move my controller and it changed.


In that case (if you already have CC data on a lane) cubase shows you the value relatively to CC event at that particular time the cursor is placed.
For instance, you draw a CC event, let’s say to 100. When you move the controller cubase shows you a range from -100 and 27. So if you reach 0, you know your controller is back again to the same drawn value at that particular time. This is useful so you can put your controller to 0 and record new events without an initial jump (where that applies).
Hope this helps.


Oh that’s great, thanks for the useful info!