Value sent twice from Remote Control

Hi all
I noticed (using MIDI Monitor) that the value sent back by the MIDI Remote when using Relative Signed Bit mode (0x41=decrement, 1=increment) was sent twice. See attachment.
Is this normal behavior ? It is annoying because I use an external (Max) script to analyze this and make the control surface display some info. Can it be fixed (or at least left as an option ?) Thanks


I cannot reproduce it here on my side. Do you use only one script at time?

Thanks for the fast reply Martin. Yes only one script is activated. Please make sure that Signed-bit mode is selected to reproduce the problem.

Here is my test setup (please see attachment)


Of the Mapping Assistant is involved again (sorry, I always forget this)…

OK, I will try this on my side.

Hi Martin,
So did you manage to duplicate ?


I have tested this. It sends 1 value. Only at the moment, when you “release” the slider, it sends the last value again.

Wong setup :slight_smile:
Please check my first post: I said that

I didn’t use a slider.


Me neither. I was using the encoder, same as you did on the screenshot.

OK then. But did you use the Relative Signed bit Mode ? I can’t see what you are sending on the MIDI Monitor listing.