I work in the Broadway genre and am thinking about using VST Live. I need to vamp (repeat measures waiting for dialouge or action (programmed ahead of time)) quite regularly, can this be accomplished in VST Live? Would I be able to use a controller such as a foot switch to jump out of the vamp (loop/repeat)?

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Each Song is like an entire DAW project. You can set the Cycle (“loop”) start and end, and have this repeated (Cycle On) or stop repeating and continue (Cycle Off). Furthermore, you can program any MIDI controller and keyboard shortcut to toggle it in the Devices Menu under “Actions and Shortcuts/Transport”.
You cann not yet jump inside the timeline programattically, other than clicking the timeline with the mouse. But we are working on such quantized “jump” features and Part loops etc.

Thanks so much for your reply. Can I add more than one loop in one song?

The software I use now I’m able to program in holds, ceasura’s, skps and change measure numbers to follow a score. Is there a place I can ask to see if these task are viable to add? I’m sure I’m not the only one that can benefit from these enhancements and I really want to use Cubase to work in.

Not yet, but as said, we are working on it.