vanished Wavelab 10 Elements license after upgrade

Have just upgraded to Windows 10 x64 build 2004, shortly after having updated to Wavelab 10 Elements 10.0.40.

Afterwards the eLicense info had gone reverting to Trial in red (but was intact in my other Steinberg apps (Cubase, VSTs, UR44 s/w, etc)

BTW the Elements license was an upgrade product key initially - i belive - entered directly into Wavelab on the advice of PG (rather than into eLicensor)

What should I do?

Note: One thing to add that may have been a factor: I did have a backup directory with a working copy of 10.0.20 as previously discussed to get around the jBridge bug

Update: Have just noticed I actually have 2 instances of Wavelab Elemets 10 in my eLicensor; one showing as a trial version, and ons blaack and seemingly valid.

I have the “register” option up in the help menu, but on close inspection can not otherwise see any reference to trial in Wavelab.

How to clean this up?

Hello, try and download the latest e-Licenser. Second option: perform Mantainance from e-Licenser

Thanks Marikino, unfortunately I tried that initially and it failed to fix the issues described

I see, have you tried reactivation via your MySteinberg account?

Not yet, nor have I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

But I have in the past had serious problems with corrupted eLicensor settings, and though I appreciate your help I was really hoping that PG or somebody else from Steinberg support would help me with an ‘official’ procedure, so I don’t nedlessly screw up my Windows installation!

. . .and ingnoring this one here too?

Or is 6 months not enough time to look into this?

Intractable licensing problems are better dealt with through Steinberg Support rather than this user forum*, I believe.


  • Although we are privileged to have PG taking part here, he is in charge of the software itself, not the licensing aspect.

Having in the past been subjected to Steinberg support on several occasions in relation to both software and hardware, I interpret the word “better” relative to the non-existant support I have received here on this issue.

But in fairness I am not suffering any practical problems resulting from the issue described. For now. The instance of Wavelab I am running seems fine and working without limitation. It appears to be just sloppy interaction with eLicenser that I can easily imagine will create problems in future, but I will defer my screaming and shouting until it all goes t*ts up. I just wish Steinberg as a company had a more proactive culture, but that’s clearly not going to happen any time soon. I agree with you about PG’s participation, however.