Vanishing special offer?

Just now, launching Dorico, I got a special offer for a discounted (I think it was ~$75?) upgrade from Dorico 4 (which I’m still on) to Dorico 5. I clicked the “more info” button, which:

  • took me to a page with no info about Dorico upgrades, and
  • made the offer disappear inside of the Dorico app.

Anyone know of a way to recover this phantom offer?

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I’m afraid not. Dorico 4 is not as smart as it should be when it comes to showing that information window: it would have downloaded the information the last time you ran it, but it doesn’t consider whether the offer has expired by the current time you run it, so it can end up showing information about expired offers. (This is something we corrected in Dorico 5.)

So I’m sorry for the disappointment caused.