Var_Audio snap issue.

Hi all

This has been irritating me for a while, thought I’d mention it case I’m missing something. When we first got Vari-Audio, to snap to pitch one would just drag the note there (if snap was turned on) , multiple notes would also"snap". Since a couple of versions this has changed and one has to press “alt” to get it to snap and it doesn’t work with multiple notes. Am I missing something? Or has it changed and I have to live with it? I did prefer the old way!

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Hi Dave - all as it should be here with Absolute, Relative or No note/segment ‘snapping’. I’ve changed my modifiers mind, but all modes are working fine - on multiple-combined or single note/segments. I’m still a bit stuck in 32bit land though, and I have upped to Win8.1

Those are my two variables it would seem, to your setup.

Oh, and you don’t need global snap mode turned on necessarily, to perform Absolute or Relative moves when in VariAudio.

Might be one of those quick, ‘pref trash experiment’ times… (remember to remove/rename other instances too, if you still have earlier Cubase installs on the system).

Anyway, good luck,

Does the double click a note worked before?