Varaudio: Can you add vibrato?


Long time Cubase user here, but I’ve just upgraded from SX3 to 7.5, and I haven’t been on this forum for probably 4 years or so. Wow what a huge jump, so much looks different… and so much more functionality.

I’m pretty impressed in general with varaudio for pitch correction, but I’d like to be able to add some vibrato to the end of a vocal note. I haven’t been able to do this, is there something I’m missing?

Only possible to straighten, AFAIK.

That would be a great feature. You should make a feature request (after searching to see if anyone already has, of course):wink:

Yep - great idea John. So a +1 from me…
And as such, have added it to my ‘fanboi’ VariAudio 2.x list of ideas/feature requests thread. Please join in, add your name… :wink: