Vari Audio 2 - It has ground breaking potential

Vari Audio 2 could be ground breaking if only i could figure out how to do this…

I’m refering to multitrack pitch editing functionality, this appears possibly when using Vari 2 to generate mono harmonies from a single lead vocal, within the pop up window there is a tick box which opens multitrack pitch editor, fantastic…But!

What about those who record their own vocal harmonies but would love to be able to tweak the pitching within the Vari 2 multitrack editor described above?

Is it possible to select mutiple mono vocal tracks and enter the Vari2 multitrack editor?

If there is i can’t find how to do it, if you can’t then i believe this is massive oversight by Steiny.


Yes. If I’m understanding correctly, you either analyse the tracks individually and then select all and double-click on one; or, select all the tracks and double-click to open the sample editor and run VA within. Each track gets its own colour code. Is that what you wanted…?


Oh wow, so if I rendered a metronome sound and made that one of the tracks, I could have a visual guide for changing the timing of the notes?