Vari-Audio 3.0

VariAudio 3.0
– Even better audio engine. Let’s make it sound good on exposed vocals for something more than 150-200 cents!
– Formant correction (huge)
– Prevent KCs from losing focus (for example, if you use the listen tool, then the TAB is not active anymore).
– Have multiple audio tracks open in one VariAudio 3.0 window, so one can time to the musical events, not just the grid (a good example of doing that is in RevoicePro 3 by .

  • Elastique available, not just the “Standard Solo”. Even if it’s still 12 msec off as in the Steinberg KB, for vocals I’m OK with that.

+1 - formant correction and manipulation & the ability to use variaudio on the tracks in the project window.



@ also please add option to eliminate the “X” letter popup on notes,
@ set user key commands for editing(this TAB jumping frustrates me on intensive editing)
@ and please add midi learn for “quantize pitch” and “straighten pitch” to assign to midi controller(knobs slider etc…) or to mouse wheel with modifiers…will reduce a lot mouse jumping to the left of screen.
@ also transient smoothness editing tool and more resolution to split notes, (sometimes in fast passages its not split in the right places cuz it wont let u…)

Well of course, I’m going to say +1 and yes please to all of it, with a cherry on top…! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


PS:- The tabbing back and forth between modes, to simply perform ‘splitting’ tasks say, is a pain. Really. I’d fully hope the SB clever clogs devs get rid of these two ‘mode’ distinctions and forge a much better/cleaner workflow altogether.

Seems like good directions for Vari-Audio, all of the above.

+1 !

All ideas are great! +1 for each one!



elastique v3 is already a year out there…and still not implemented in Cubase…

+1 and include eslastique pro 3 and fix all those timing/ rendering issues. + make the tools and workflow a bit more intuitive. Coming from melodyne I find it hard to go to vari-audio and get great results with as much ease. Thanks

Can we have the ability to split a segment down to any size? The fact that I can not chop of a segment past a certain size is very limiting when working with scoops, small details and fast phrases etc.

Someone please correct me if I am missing something here.

I don’t know for sure, but I think that it is not able to analyze the onset and ends of some segments, especially if there are a) non-vowel sounds (“T”, “Th”, “Ssss”, “Zhhh”, etc.), or b) there are wild scoops in pitch there. Interested to see what others might say!

1. Would like to see some extra tools, like Revoice Pro:
A) Pencil tool (yes!)
B) Smoothing tool where things are joined at a funny angle

2. Fix the tilt tool
In Pitch mode when I click the line I want the segment to tilt around, the actual tilt point is almost always considerably more towards the middle of the segment than the actual line is.

3. Keep Segment/Pitch mode active when the Play tool (default #9) is used
Right now after using the play tool to determine where a note boundary is, I then have to mouse over to click on Segment/Pitch

4. Have VariAudio figure out what is a formant that should not be pitched
“Shh”, “Ssss”, “Tttt”, etc. Like Revoice Pro does.

5. Fix the “Revert to original Pitch” function
When I have moved to a new pitch AND straightened pitch, then I click the “Revert to Original Pitch” button, the note remains straightened (almost?) always.

All of the above sound great! I also need an easier tool to make smooth pitch transitions between segments!

Good lord, yes.

I would add the following:

-Sibilance detection and removal from tuning (sss and shh sounds make a weird effect when tuned)
-a smooth transition slider or button that would exclude the note transitions from the straighten pitch process


+1. BTW, since Cubase 7, I’ve noticed a very odd artifact at the very end of some of my tuned segments…almost electronic. Anyone else have this issue?
Sorry to get us off track. RJ