VARI AUDIO : 440 to 432 hz ?

Hey guys ,
Today a singer sent me a vocal to tune , but this time in 432hz reference …
i really dont want to pitch down the full track , and the singer also …
Here is my problem :
I want to use vari audio to correct the vocal , but with a 432 reference . i didnt found any button to swap from 440 to 432
Anyone ?


Already discussed many times here on the forum. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Have the singer send a couple of the midrange instrument tracks and tune the vocal by ear. The ear is always the standard of what sounds right anyway even when the pitch grid is true to key.

Lower track by 32 cents…
Or tune the vocal up 32 cents;)

Why not use VariAudio directly?
You will be able to tune the vocals to the correct pitch inside VariAudio (since it always based on 440 Hz, right?). Should not be a problem if I’m not mistaken. Only the other way around is a problem - if you wanted to convert vocals from 440 to 432 inside VariAudio, that would have been a problem.

Also, it should not be a problem because it’s such a small amount of pitch, that there should be no problem to do without artifacts in either VariAudio or by simple Pitch Shifting. You could just split the vocal into many parts and pitch shift every part by itself to avoid any artifacts or tempo/timing issues.

It’s also my problem!
I usually tune my orchestra in A=432Hz, but I couldn’t calibrate VariAudio in Cubase 10.5 pro…
is there any Steinberg Official Trainer here?!

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I just read this:
“432-Tuning is more then just the change of the Concert Pitch (from 440Hz to 432Hz) but requires a change of Temperament as well”

The only option then is to use Melodyne instead…

dammn guys feels bad seriously :’( that option is not available in cubase 11 ?