Vari Audio affects vocals coming later behind

Hi all

I’ve a question regarding Vari Audio in Cubase 9.5 Pro.

I did a pitch change today on a vocal in my project. Worked pretty well (see attached screenshot -> 42.3)
How ever it affected the vocals coming after 43. till the end of the audio event, in a way they are sounding, let’s say pitched, as well.

So I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong here. My expectation was that only that particular note will be affected and not all the rest till end of the audio (from 43 till 44). I’m probably misunderstanding something here.

Hope somebody can give me a hint.

Best Regards,


Select the notes you think are effected and reset all pitch in them (sample editor, VA tab, down left). See if something happens at all. Or bypass VA altogether.

Your expectation should be met, at least here it works that way. Nothing gets pitched without conscious user action. Saying that, there are many ways in Cubase to do something accidentially as commands work for anything selected which doesn’t alway equal what you currently have visible on the screen.

Great ideas. Could also see if they sound “Phasy” when played with a copy of the original unpitched track.