vari audio driving me nuts

Hi all, hope everybody is doin good !! I’m not, I record a vocal and go to vari audio to correct a few bits but there is always another vocal there with the one I’ve doubled clicked, go to the pool to delete the vocals but can not remove them from pool so have to delete the whole track…then I can delete the unwanted vocal tracks…so start again and on the first take it’s ok … the only vocal there is the one I just did, but after a few takes and a few deletes I am left with more than one vocal when I double click on the track to go to vari audio, how on earth do I get rid of the vocal track from the vari audio thingy ? read through the relevant section in the manual but can’t spot any way to delete from vari audio…thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Kinda hard to understand what you mean…I don’t really know how you could have 2 vocals in variaudio at once.
Can you make a screencap so we can see what you mean.

When you say a few takes and deletes are you cutting out certain bits to make one good verse or chourus out of different audio files/takes?

If so when you double click on a piece of audio the vari will carry on following all what is in that file (even if its not being played) but in the project it will have gone on to the next piece of audio that is.hence you will have to open the next part up to carry on with the vari work you are doing.

I think you can cut down audio files and just keep what is actually being used??
I dont know as i have never had to do this…i guess its somwhere in the pool if you can? Im sure someone on here can tell you if you can or not?

Hi, sorry it took a while to respond …been away, tried to download screencap but Eset tells me it’s a trojan…
if I take a screenshot how would I display it here ?
I didn’t cut the vocal up, It’s just one take and there are no other vocals in the pool but if I double click on the vocal to vari audio there is more than one vocal there…absolutley nuts !!! it must be me doing something stupid…but what ?
kind regards to everyone and thanks for your interest, Kevin

Also if i select all i find that i’ve selected 3 or 4 vocals and vari audio processes the lot but it only plays the one that actually exsists…as a consiquence manipulating any of the vocal is not possible maybe because it’s got too much to do…wish I had a brain, can not find anything in the manual about deleting ghost vocals from the sample editor…cheers, Kevin

Does it do this im new/all projects or just this particular one? Might sound like a pain but the time your spending to download programs and post pictures for us to see…why dont you try deleteing the personal settings or presets for cubase uninstall it then perform a fresh install of the program and update it to the latest version…for the time it takes its worth a try?

Hi, I hear what you say but It sounds like such a scary thing to do…whenever I do anything on a comp I have problems every step of the way, when I first bought cubse 6 ( update from C4 ) It refused to open, had probs for a week before It would let me in…still dont know why.
Tried with another project and it’s the same, if I do a few takes then delete the ones I dont want then open vari audio there is more than one vocal…even if i delete them from the project they are still in vari audio, if i go to the pool I am unable to delete them from the pool, technology is great but in this case it gets in the way of makin music, If I re install Cubase will it pick up all the vst’s etc without any further probs ? thanks again for your interest in my problem, regards, Kevin

Went and looked at the update situation and I dont think there are any for C6 running on XP, could only see for W7, maybe therein lays the problem ( or not ) did start with W7 but it kept crashing every few hours so went back to XP.

Sorry to go a little off topic here… The Eset antivirus seems to be causing you a lot of problems. I saw your post about the Rob Papen software also. Is it possible your antivirus is being too “protective”? It might be something to look at.

Interesting problem.

This was asked before but it’s important to know: if you start a completely new project, blank, with no presets or anything, will the same thing happen?

VariAudio stores a whole lot of information in your project file, it is possible that you’ve gotten a corruption somewhere, so that the variaudio data from an old file is superimposed on the new take.

You can try to do this: In the pool, select the file or all files that you suspect has been run through the detection process of VariAudio. Right click them and select some non destructing processing, like for instance a phase reverse. You should be presented with a prompt that warns about VariAudio data might becoming invalid, click “Proceed”, all VariAudio data for that file should now have been completely removed from your project file. Then right click on them again, choose audio->offline processing and remove the phase reverse for good measure.

Now, try analysing with VariAudio again and see if the ghost is still there or not.

Either way, I’d then proceed with deleting your preferences (a guide can be found in the Knowledge base), after that move everything from the old project to a fresh one.


Hi…It’s not eset that displays the warning, It’s the RG software, this has happened with eset switched off but thanks for giving it some thought…regarding twinoaks comments I’m gonna try that now…watch this space…thanks everybody, Kevin

Hi again, so did what you suggested and the phase reverse processed without question, opened a new project did some new vocals…3 takes…kept one deleted the others went to vari audio and they are still there, went to pool and they are still in the pool and I can not delete them from the pool, tried right click remove unused media and they dont budge !!! I can also phase reverse the files with no warnings…best regards from a very frustrated and despondant Kevin who is just trying to make some music…

By the way…went to preferences but I havent got any to delete…didn’t set any, is that right ?

That is, if you didn´t enable the preference to not do so…

check the above…

No… There are plenty of links about how to trash preferences - Delete the application data folder

I here what your saying about the re-install first off I would trash the prefferences then try a new project not an old one…then if its working and ok save that just so u have a good working project…then try the one that your having problems with if the problems back then its surely a setting somewhere.go back to you other new one so alls well for running c6 on xp I couldnt comnent on that as I dont…if you do go for a fresh install when its done and you load up the offending project the setting that could be the problem would more than likely be their with all mixer and fx settings vst ect…what you can save settings for each fx eq mixer ect and load them up in a new project that is working.and either re-record your audio or export you existing ones.sometimes we have to take a step back to move two forward.of course I cant garantee it will work.i had a problem I just couldnt workout back on sx3 wasted hours trying to find it…i ended up doing a fresh install and scrapped preferences sorted…touch wood c6 solid as a rock so far…i feel your pain buddy

Hi everybody, first off I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to try and help me…It’s much appreciated,
I’ve gotta say that I’m starting to get so confused with all this that at the mo I dont know which way to turn, I just know It’s something daft ( probably me ) just can’t get to the bottom of it and I’m scared to death of doing a reinstall because I had loads of probs last time, I’m gonna trry anf figure out the preferences thing…I find it easier to go to Ehow to find out about preferences in C6 than finding it on the Steinberg site…maybe that tells you something about how daft I am, If I do a reinstal will C6 pick up all my VST’s and such like ?
…regards and thanks, Kevin

So found the relevent folders and trashed all preferences, re launched C6 which started as from new and initialised everything again…opened a new project did two vocals, kept one deleted the other, removed it from the pool to trash and deleted it…went to vari audio and guess what ! I’ve got two vocals…one after the other, if I click on pitch and warp it does both of them…I give up, I’m gonna get Melodyne, thanks for everyones input, if I ever figure it out I’ll post it, regards to everybody, Kevin

Could it be you´re not understanding some basics on how cubase works…?
Simply cutting a piece of an audio file will not really cut the original file destructively. Neither can you delete only the second part of such a cut file, as long as the first is still used in the project, and you don´t make them two independent single files.
The sample editor will always show the whole file, and you can set it to show regions, or single events, which will show you the actual portions of the file used in the project.

Nivek, does it work properly in a new project if you record just one vocal then launch the editor? What do you see then?

Hi, I’m not cutting the vocal track, I double click the whole track but I would definitely agree that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing on C6…fantastic stuff but complicated if you get any probs, ( for me at least )
when I start a new project and do 1 new vocal and launch the editor I have only one vocal…great ! but If I do a few takes then launch the editor on lets say the last take then I am faced with all the takes in the editor and If I click the vari audio tab it does em all…even if I’ve deleted the other takes,
I’m prepared to admit that this is probably more my fault than C6’s fault, It’s gotta be something to do with how It’s set up but why is it so hard to sort it
I’ve just done 5 short takesof 10 seconds each doubled clicked the top take and the ditor has all the takes in it…so I deleted the other takes double clicked the the take I kept and the editor still has all the takes…I’m in hell negotiating with the edge here !!! best regards and thanks, Kevin