Vari Audio edits lost in project back up.

Working on a quite large project and spending a lot of time creating vocal harmonies using the VariAudio (which I think is great by the way) I decided to do I project back up to a new folder.
I was surprised and disappointed to find that all my edits/Harmonies were lost when opening from the backed up project.
I still have the original project saved so not the end of the world but a little worrying
Is this a bug or is it user error. I’m searching the manual now.

That behaviour exists since VA exists. I don’t even think it’s a bug, it was simply forgotten to implement :confused:

Flatten or bounce the VA’d material before you backup. Or export/import the vocal tracks as track archive. Be sure to use the ‘prepare archieving’ (something like that) function in the pool in your backup’d project to include the files into the audio folder.

I’m not at my computer but, I remember there is an option when backing up to freeze edits? Are your backed up tracks corrected or just like no variaudio had been applied?

Ticking ‘minimize files’ option the backup files include any kind of offline processing. Warp edits are preserved as warp edits (warp markers still available).

Only VariAudio gets lost. The files are unaltered pitchwise, VA edits are simply gone.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Beatpete it was just like no VA had been applied .

So MarQs if I flatten before I back up is that the answer. Does flatten turn the non-destructive editing into a permanent edit?

Sadly yes. But you can use the other workaround I’ve described, the track archive ex-/import thing. It’s time we get the issue fixed.

EDIT: posted it into feature requests!

Wow, thanks for letting me know this! I use "back up " for archiving and I use Variaudio a LOT! I won’t be “backing up” anymore (at least until this “issue” is fixed…

BTW Did this happen in 6.5?

Seems to work in 7.06. Cannot yet believe it’s reliable, please test and report here: