Vari-Audio fix request for Cubase 6 update or Cubase 7

Hiya in short,

While this feature is versatile and extremely usable, especially on near-perfect takes where only one note or two needs to be slightly notched up or down in pitch, it still is lacking in two areas…

Lead Trumpets, piccolos and instruments that have been meticulously recorded and are 3 ledger lines above the stave in a bigband environment or overdubbed are extremely viable.
Vari-Audio is unable to display the register and the facility to display a wider division is also needed to enable true natural editing[not limited to 1/6ths and also allowing “no-time or division” for delayed phrases by saxes, slurred vocals etc…

It’ is a request and it does need to be fixed.
Being endorsed locally in your product getting a question “Why can’t you fix higher range valid instruments??” leaves me to simply say “Steinberg are working on it”. Pro-tools HDX is kicking your ass now with their similar elastic audio.
It does the whole 88 note range.

Please fix it.
As I lecture in a UNI that has Audio and Music Degrees, it’s kind of hard to sell the virtues when one of them falls a little short of the full mark.