Vari audio in Cubase 9 not working

IV selected a two bar segment of audio and selected the vari audio Cubase has been analizing the segment for 30 mins and is only up to 22%
I closed Cubase down and tried it again and the same as before I am now up to 23% with 40 mins.

It appears that Cubase 9 does not allow me to select a section of audio and only analyses the full length (which is over one hour long) this is not good, anyone have any suggestions (or even better software that would allow me to select a section of audio etc

I think the whole file is the way it works.

You have to snip out the bit you want the Variaudio to act on, bounce it to a new track and then run Variaudio on that.

Yes as Planarchist says, the only way around this is to create a shorter file.
Bounce selection will do it without needing a second track.

But this was never the case with versions before v9?
Why has this software gone backwards? Can’t believe that even apple got this right and steinberg HAD it right…
What the hell is going on Steinberg and you can’t make the excuse that your recources are being put into Doreco because that’s a pig ear.

No different in Cubase 8/8.5. Not sure about before that.

In Cubase 8/8.5 I could select a section of audio and that section only would be rendered…

Strange because I don’t recall it being like that in any previous versions. Could be having a memory failure though.

Rendered? I thought we were talking Variaudio?

Just checked 8 and it is the same as 9 for Variaudio.