"Vari Audio" Pitch & Warp Shortcut Key?

Happy Thanksgiving

In Vari Audio, is there a shortcut key that is assigned or can be assigned to the “Pitch & Warp” button in the Vari Audio window? Or just use the mouse always? :unamused: Thanks

Not currently - been a request from users in a number of other (related) threads.

This would really, really, help speed/ease workflow inside VA. Having to constantly move the mouse back and forth just to switch modes, gets tedious, very quickly. :frowning:

Steinberg - please…? Pretty please…? Are you (still) listening…!?

Well said. Puma0382

Using the Tab key lets us go from Pitch & Warp to Segments but, we need a key that will let us create the pitches under Pitch & Warp when Vari Audio is first launched. Hope this makes sense. :neutral_face:

:neutral_face: Should we bump this?

A bump is good… :slight_smile:

In my view, the Tab key ‘thing’ is all but useless anyway, isn’t it…?

Unlike other keys, with this one you need to highlight the item first before it can perform its function. Doh…!! Kills workflow, having to keep clicking away back and forth from your attention or area of working (cursor/focus) in the VA edit window itself.

A key command please SB… :slight_smile:

I’ll bump this one for a little love maybe…? soon, maybe…? whenever you’re planning the release to include 64bit Rewire, maybe…?

Oh yes, this is desperately needed. It’s very tedious to go back and forth all the time, a key shortcut would be a big time saver. Just like pressing ALT to switch to scissors in the project window. Or, right-clilck to get the tools, like in Melodyne.

Yeah…! Now we’re talking… :wink: Been having the pleasure of using Melodyne (Assistant) at a friends recently, over several sessions - quite slick how all that power is right where you need it, right where you’re working…! All monophonic stuff like in VA, and mainly vocal ‘work’ - but it was so much less of a pain.

Having thought about this, I can see that perhaps SB have a bigger task on their hands here; its maybe not just a case of ‘adding a shortcut key’. Now I can compare, VA’s whole architecture/methodology it seems, is built round the two ‘modes’ of working - which appear entirely de-coupled, as it were. You’re always working in either one mode or the other; there’s no sense of a ‘unified space’ (such as in Melodyne).

But, hey I’m no programmer, so hopefully I’m completely wrong…! :slight_smile:

So SB, are ya thinking about it…?

It has been introduced at last! Hold 'SHIFT" and press ‘TAB’. It will alternate between the two editing modes.

i know this is an old post but I’d just like to say finding this shortcut has reclaimed at least 2 years of my life.