Vari-audio problem when open 3 audio events at once

having a strange issue…
i can’t tell why and when, but sometimes when editing 3 audio events together in vari audio editor ,in some sections or certain phrase in the song won’t change pitch although im move the notes up or down.
if i open one event or 2 events in vari-audio the pitch changes as normally.
is it a known issue ?
(have no chord track in the project)

I was working happily on some 4 part vocals just this week, without a slip. Reading your post I went back to that project this morning and tried experimenting with 3 of those vox, doing some random wild/subtle moves. All was ok I’m afraid… The effort I put in was for all of two minutes mind; so I didn’t bust a gut with it… :slight_smile:

So, can you narrow it down at all…? See it repeatable/consistent…? Is it one project or any…? Brand new or imported from an older version…? Same 3 or different/any 3 files…? What if you move/duplicate to new tracks (just the ‘problem’ sections) and try again…?

I dunno… just think through it I guess; try experimenting (if you can be bothered) to find any sort of pattern as to when it occurs… short/long files…? did you bounce first…? any tempo changes/weird time sigs/very fast bpm…? is the singer from a particular town/city… (just teasing…!). You know the drill… :wink:

Ah, wait - you hadn’t actually mentioned “vocals”; I just kept presuming… so, is it other instrument audio files you are dealing with here…? Perhaps VA simply hasn’t been able to properly detect some things, and is showing some sort of ‘false positive’ or ‘rogue’ segment…!!

Good luck,

mm// had no time to experiment yet … i mostly work on Nuendo 6.5 in a studio and on my personal rig i use cubase Pro8, not that much vocal works on C8 now days.
did not encounter this problem on Nuendo yet.
but ill try it on the next days, maybe its a specific project issue(hopefully)
im not sure from which city is the singer but he is a heavy smoker ? might be that :wink:

you have to turn the chord track off or it forces the note back to it’s original position…

No chord track in this project.
the “note” graphically moves up and down, but the actual pitch stays the same

Oops…soz :blush: