Vari Audio question

Right this is doing my head in, in C5 when moving around Vari Audio audio notes, I could have the the track playing and move notes while still hearing the audio of the moved notes, now in C7/.5 the music stops to let me hear it, how can I turn it off and even worse still the locator stops where the music was playing at the time of the note being moved and not returning back to it’s the original position.

Any help, couldn’t see anything in the “Listening to your modifications” part of the Vari Audio section in the manual.



Toggle the little speaker icon on the upper left of the sample editor.

Winner! For some reason I thought that button was for just letting you hear or mute audio as you moved them!

Thanks. :smiley:

You’re welcome, sometimes the obvious is…

… far away :laughing:

How do you “move” notes to right or left? I can only stretch them…

That’s how it works, it’s not Melodyne. To move notes you can still cut them up or for slight timing issues use warp.

You can warp the left side of the phrase, then the right side (or first the right, then the left).

As far as I know, VariAudio can only warp. It can not squeeze a part to null or add silence.

Segments can now be turned off (little ‘x’ appearing when hovering over low middle).