Vari Audio Question ....

I’m using vari audio … in melodyne you can copy & paste ‘blobs’ - how do I achieve the same in vari audio (copy & paste does not seem to highlight)

Thanks in advance

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Melodyne can, Variaudio can’t. You could go with a duplicated track.

Workaround: As VariAudio is working on the audio track itself, you can simply cut and paste the audio in the Project window. Render it as a new copy and then open up VariAudio.

Would be nice to see cut and paste within it, though.

Yes, quite frustrating as Sonar has had this integrated via Melodyne for years (it even had it in Sonar Home Studio 7, which was years ago)… disappointing not to have it in VariAudio

In my case, I’m wanting to cut/copy & paste ‘blobs’ in different regions of the same sample / region on the same track.

I love the workflow and user interface in Cubase, but I find myself finding all kinds of functionality that’s, for example, present in Sonar X3 Studio but that’s not in the full-blown edition of Cubase 7.5. That’s really disappointing.

For this project, I switched to Sonar for these tracks… much better/easier

On my setup, I’ve also found I get better performance out of Sonar than Cubase…which surprised me… (lower latency in the DAW, no odd problems with some VSTs, generally lower on system load level).

Thanks for the replies - always appreciated