Vari Audio to MIDI.....HELP PLEASE

I hope somone out there can help me.
I am using Cubase 12 Artist
I have imported live drum waves/stems that someone did for me, into a song I am working on.
I can take any of my guitar parts which I recorded on Cubase and use vari audio to make a midi track . BUT… I cannot for the life of me get Vari audio to work with the Snare wave that was recorded on another system. I want to be able to trigger EZ drummer to play a snare alongside of his.
Is there some info imbedded in his drum tracks that is preventing Vari Audio from reading it correctly? if so how do I get rid of that info?, or is there something I am missing in the Vari Audio page or Cubase itself??
I have looked online and just about everything I found either did not work or was a bit confusing!
Any help would hugely appreciated
Many thanks

Use hitpoints for drum replacement.


Many thanks for this useful info

You have saved me hours of painstaking unnecessary work :-))) thanks again :-))

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… and thanks to the many Cubase users who invest their time making such great tutorial videos!


Indeed. Many times over! :guitar::guitar: