Vari Audio

Using Vari Audio on a project has made it HUGE. Is there a way to delete/undo the vari audio changes and just get back to the original audio file? I am not seeing that option.


you could “flatten” the audio tracks where you did used VariAudio



There are various reset functions near the bottom of the VariAudio section in the Sample Editor. It’s written very small, which is why you may have missed it. Select All, then use as appropriate. Should give you what you want.

Addressing what I suspect is the original issue: VA does make for very large projects and can grind things to a halt. It has, therefore, a limitation due to the complexity of the processing. I make a lot of use of VA and have found that the best approach is as hinted at by Chris B and advised elsewhere:

  • Identify small chunks that need treating.
  • Bounce them.
  • Treat the bounced versions.
  • This also makes rolling back a lot easier.

The last thing you should expect is that things will run smoothly when VAing files of complete takes. Even with a beast of a machine, you’re wasting overhead.

Hope that helps,